The menu was put together for you by our chef Lukáš Holý and his team.

  • Pub

Cold starters

Beef tartare, caraway seeds, onion, pickles, smoked pepper sauce, toasted beer bread
195 CZK
Rolled Přeštice pork brisket, Křimice sauerkraut, smoked mayonnaise, marinated vegetables
125 CZK
Smoked trout fillet, light potato salad, quail egg, caviar
145 CZK
Fresh goat’s cheese, tomatoes of different colours, wild garlic, beer bread streusel
195 CZK

Hot starters

Talián sausage served in strong broth with root vegetables, apricot mustard, fresh horseradish
185 CZK
Deep-fried carp chips, dill rémoulade, cabbage salad
195 CZK
Grilled marrow bones, onion and parsley salad, toasts
125 CZK
Rabbit ragout cooked in dark beer with root vegetables, beer bread roll
195 CZK


Chicken broth, pulled meat, root vegetables, tarhonya pasta pellets
75 CZK
Real cabbage soup with smoked pork cheeks, sausage and bacon
95 CZK

Recommended by the chef

Cooked beef shank with marrow bones served in a strong beef broth with root vegetables, together with potato cake, spinach leaves with cream, apple horseradish and onion mayonnaise
395 CZK

Main courses

Duck leg, white cabbage and beetroot cabbage, potato dumplings with toasted bun.
295 CZK
Veal fillet deep-fried in suet, light potato salad
325 CZK
Beef oyster blade with cream, bread dumplings, wild cranberries
275 CZK
Beer goulash made from pork cheeks, variation of dumplings, onion, fresh horseradish
225 CZK
Chicken breast with smoked pepper sauce, spinach spaetzles
275 CZK
Sturgeon on caraway seeds, sauerkraut sauce, baby potatoes with garlic and marjoram
255 CZK

Vegan option

Pearl barley risotto with mushrooms, young leek and dill
195 CZK

Vegetarian option

Baby potatoes with cottage cheese, lovage and buttermilk
165 CZK


Tomato salad with onion and basil
65 CZK
Cucumber salad with dill and sour cream
65 CZK
Fresh vegetable salad with red onion and farm cheese
85 CZK
Lettuce with beet of different colours, goat’s cheese and nuts
125 CZK

For children

Chicken breast, sweet pepper sauce, spinach spaetzles
175 CZK
Pork ham off the bone, mashed potatoes, pickle
125 CZK
Beef in cream, bread dumplings, cranberries
165 CZK
Mini deep-fried veal fillets, boiled potato with butter
195 CZK


Buns with poppy seeds and rum-scented vanilla cream, raisins, malt syrup
125 CZK
Strawberries, beer sponge biscuits and sour cream
95 CZK
Selection of pies and cakes offered daily
75 CZK