In our kitchen, we cook using high-quality ingredients from Czech farmers from the Pilsen Region.

Joma - Mini Milkshop

The Martíneks breed dairy cattle and make extraordinary and tasty dairy products.

Farma Loužná

A small family-run farm with a unique method of breeding chicken naturally. They also focus on the physical and mental well-being of their animals.

Vejce ze Šumavy

Mr. Tesca breeds chickens on a small farm in the Šumava Mountains region. His laying hens are fed grain and cereal without any additives and pharmaceuticals.

Mlýn Podhora

Mlýn Podhora is a building with two ponds, situated in a valley surrounded by fields and conifer forests. The Krůs family has been growing vegetables here since 1922.

Medová kavárna

This is the third generation in the Benda family to continue their love for bees. Mr. Benda is a beekeeper born and raised and also supplies his honey to the family’s café in v Bělá nad Radbuzou.

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